Never Stop Playing

On my drive today I was listening to the Rich Bitch Podcast episode (available here) talking about this exact topic and it got me thinking – why do we cease to play once we reach adulthood? Don’t mind all the poop talk! Like me, Angie loves a good poop analogy. 😹 It is such an integral part of our development as children and can also be for us as adults.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, play needs to be an integral part of your workplace culture. Listening to music and allowing for breaks can completely change the game. After a vacation or just some time off, I always feel rejuvenated and as if I could put in twice the effort into my tasks. Still need convincing? Here are some other great advantages to play!

The number one benefit to play, in my opinion, is stress relief. I totally related to her discussion on stress and our creativity. When stressed, the brain 🧠 literally shuts down! You cannot even answer simple questions or complete basic tasks. How relatable is that! But integrating a little bit of play time we can actually eliminate this fog and boost our productivity.

This leads me to the second benefit of play – increased brain function! Who couldn’t use more of that? 😉 you’re actually making yourself more productive by taking a little break to reset your mind.

Improvement to your relationships might be another side effect you experience. This creates trust and compassion as well as an added intimacy that would otherwise be more important distant with a serious relationship. Allowing people to see this playful side of you means they are getting the real you – not some still mock-up. Trust me, people can tell if you’re being your authentic self or not.

Lastly, play is your connecting to your youth. Maintaining this liveliness keeps things fun and relaxed. Staying connected to our youth keeps us young, and as simple as that sounds, many people loose sight of this as we become adults.

I encourage you to find little bits of play throughout your day. Be it dancing to your pump up playlist, coloring, or doing a workout you love. Let me know how it goes and share how you integrate play below!

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